Playing Catch Up.

EEK! I’ve been so bad at this. Could be because we’ve been non-stop action since KJ got here. I know, I know that isn’t an excuse. So here you go…an update as to what’s been crack-a-lackin in the Big Apple.

July 14- It’s Saturday. What do we do on Saturdays? Repeat after me, we go to the beach! But this Saturday was the annual food and craft fair along the boardwalk. Aunt Pat & Ann Marie were all excited about this things called “mozzarepa“, mozzarella cheese melted between sweet corn bread. Leading up to this day, I decided to call it everything but “mozzarepa”. Some good ones included “motza cheese balls” which then became “mocha cheese balls”. Yes, I’m pretty funny. But anywho, they were delicious. I mean, really, when you think about it, anything with melted cheese is good, right? I thought so. That night we saw the fireworks on Long Beach. We had beach pizza (i.e. pizza on the beach) and then it started to sprinkle as the fireworks ended. Yay for Saturdays!

July 15- Aunt Pattigans took myself, KJ and her friend to a Yankee’s game in their new stadium. Granted, I do not like the Yankees with any bone in my body, but that stadium is LEGIT! It’s by far the nicest stadium I’ve ever been too and it’s massive. It was supposed to rain at the game, but instead it was really cloudy and muggy and then when the sun did break through, it was hot as hell. I was freaking out thinking I would get a nasty shorts tan line. Thank goodness I didn’t. I digress. The Yankees played the Angels. Angels won. Mike Trout is a cutey & therefore is my new favorite baseball player. The end. (Oh, did I mentioned our seats were first row in left field…yea, pretty

Yankees vs. Angels with Kristopher

July 16- Boring work day. Killed lots of trees.

July 17- KJ & I went in to the city and walked up 5th Ave. Did some shopping, then walked to Central Park and met up with Aunt Pattigans. Nothing to fancy, but it was nice.

July 18- Another day at work.

July 19- Aunt Pattigans took off from work so we can have fun time! Yay fun time! First we went to the Central Park Zoo even though KJ was reluctant that it would be fun. Guess what?! It was fun, so there! We got to see the big polar bear and the sea lions and lots of other cool things. After lunch we went to Dylan’s Candy Bar. It’s pretty much what you expect, a huge store with lots of candy. But it’s bright and pretty & smells yummy. Then we went to the Intrepid for super aeronautical fun fest (as per AMW & KJ).  It was really called Space Fest, and it was the first day the Space Shuttle Enterprise was open to the public. So not only did we see the space shuttle (p.s. it’s GINORMOUS! couldn’t even fit it in my picture) but we got to walk around the Intrepid too and see all the places and stuff. We went into this one room, the “chain room”, which literally just had huge chains in it, but there was n NO ONE in there, like no one. You could hear the creaking of the boat. It was eerie times like 1000. Any ways, we had a long day, but it was fun and good news…it didn’t rain! yay!

Polar Bear @ Central Park Zoo

Enterprise on the Intrepid

July 20- *insert high-pitched 12 year old girl scream here* I GOT TO SEE HOT CHELLE RAE LIVE!!! Oh and I was like front row! (Big shout out to AMW for that! Thanks!) It was amazing. They were scheduled to be on performing live on the

Hot Chelle Rae on The Today Show

Today Show, but since the Colorado shootings happened the night before, they were almost scratched completely, but then they decided to record them playing two songs and just air them the following week. So I got to see them sing “I Like It Like That” & “Tonight, Tonight”. I got some great shots, and yes I did freak out like a 12 year old when Ryan came up to our little area and was signing autographs. I’m a nerd, I know. But it was fantastic. And it was raining, raining, raining, they played and it stopped, the second they finished, it started raining again. Magical, I tell ya!

July 21- It’s Saturday, you know what that means. After the beach, we drove to Asbury Park, NJ to see Wyldlife play a show. This show was pretty cool because they literally played in the middle of a bowling alley. It was cool. KJ & played three games of bowling. Of course, I dominated. KJ was getting made, and granted the entire facility looked like it was from the 1920s. The balls were so old and lopsided and super heavy. The lanes had lights to show you which pins are still standing. Best yet, you had to keep score with a pencil and paper. Whoa!

July 22 through 25- Nothing special. Worked & drove to Boston

July 26- Spent the day in Boston (my second favorite city behind NYC) What was supposed to be a super horrible rainy day, turned out to be quite lovely. We decided to do the hop-on/hop-off trolley tour. We got off at the USS Constitution and looked around there. Then we got off  where the Boston Massacre happened and walked the Freedom Trail for a ways, before hoping back on the trolley to the start. Then we went to see Paul Revere’s house which is pretty fancy-shmancy for something that was built like forever ago. It even had 3 floors, which I didn’t even think existed back then. We walked around Quincy Market and saw some other pretty neat historic things. I love Boston, its gorgeous. It was a good day, except I got two blisters…wah-wah, that’s what I get for trying to look stylish. On the drive back to NY, it was the craziest lightning I’ve ever seen. I loved it, Aunt Pattigans was scared. Silly goose. But, we made it home safe to all those who were wondering.

July 27- After work, we went to see this show called “Voca People“. I swear I’m taking everyone who ever visits me in NYC to this show. It was absolutely fantastic. It’s basically 8 people singing acapella and beat-boxing. They’re dressed in all white with white faces. They tell a story. It’s amazing. So much talented. What was even better was that Aunt Pattigans was brought up on stage as the guys’ love interest. They sang and danced with her, meanwhile I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breath. It was AMAZING. THEN… KJ got pulled up on stage by one of the women. She was this short little lady, but she was hysterical. I honestly thought I was going to pee my pants laughing so hard. He danced with her and shook his booty. Oh dear lord, I could not have asked for a better show!

July 28- Sadly it was yucky out, so no beach day. Instead we went to the outlets. Not a bad trade-off

July 29- Spent the day with Grandma & Uncle Dennis, Aunt Karen & Kaylee.  Grandma finally asked if I was “seriously considering moving to Manhattan to work” and when I said yes, I thought I had just given her a mini heart attack. Her jaw dropped to the floor and she was speechless for like 5 minutes. You’d think I was moving to some third-world country with a 60 year old man. She’s still unaccepting of that fact, and kept asking what Mom thinks about this. I continued to tell her Mom was okay with it, so Mom if you’re reading this you better be okay with it. Don’t you pretend like this is the first time you’ve heard this either! That aside, we went to dinner then played with Kaylee and ate ice cream. We should be seeing them again tomorrow when we go to the Children’s Museum. I think I’m more excited than Kaylee about this trip.

July 30- Sitting here at work, just typing away. Nothing planned for tonight, except a Skype date with my sister from another mister. Looking forward to it!

There you go, I’ve caught you all up! Hope all is well back home! Missing you guys! Can’t wait to come back soon!

Until then,


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